Yeloyolo is a visual and
playful publishing house

Yeloyolo is a small publishing house run by Steven Uch and Marco Juan Lavandier. After cofounding Zerozoro, a graphic design studio, they nurtured the desire of making their own book.

Starting from our graphic and typographic design practice, the idea grew while we're dreaming of fulfilling our fuzzy poetic aspirations. Since then, we decided to create Yeloyolo as our new playground in which we want to share any graphic material we found interesting from our daily work (such as illustrations, type design, photographies) but also from other personal projects we developed in the meantime. Always with the idea of shaping uncanny and playful experiences. All books and any printed matter presented on this website is designed by Zerozoro. We hope you're having a good time here.

If you have any question about your purchase and/or you want more informations. Do not hesitate to contact us. We'll be pleased to answer you

isBN. 978-2-9571926

studio zerozoro

14 rue charles V,
paris 75004