Regards croisés — Gekreuzte Blicke


Regards croisés / Gekreuzte Blicke is a playful book that invites the reader to immerse himself in a strange universe where objects have been mixed together.

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Have you ever seen a snowy poodle or a disoriented watermelon ?

In the narrative and illustrative experiment of Regards croisés / Gekreuzte Blicke everything got mixed up, from the languages to the images. You are free to choose which reality seems adequate. With the 20 mixed up illustrations there's more than a hundred of possibilities on your way.

By turning the pages you’ll be able to combine illustrations together and create a lot of uncanny situations, while learning the French and German associated vocabulary. Printed on a risograph by studio Fidèle in Paris in only 150 numbered copies. Each book were assembled randomly by hand, making each book different.